Counselling - Psychotherapy - Holistic and Complementary Therapies in Cheshire




Counselling is a term which has become very familiar through the media, usually mentioned in the aftermath of disasters ("…the survivors have been offered counselling…"). Although it has been portrayed as a panacea for all emotional distress, the reality is somewhat different.

Counselling at its best is a personal encounter between two people, the client and the counsellor. This is achieved mainly through talking, although other techniques such as drawing and working with objects can be used. It is based on confidentiality (allowing the client to talk freely and in confidence), boundaries (providing the element of safety), empathy (enabling the client to feel understood), acceptance and honesty. When these conditions are met, counsellors believe that the innate potential of the individual can operate, allowing them to heal themselves and discover their own creative solutions to their problems. Counselling is therefore not something that is done to the client by the counsellor, but a process of facilitating the client to help themselves.